Welcome to DD's Desert Delights!

A fourth-generation brittle recipe has been elevated to gourmet status by the mother-daughter team at DD’s Desert Delights. They have created more than a dozen unique flavor combinations that are sure to please most every palate. From classic, to savory and exotic, these micro-batches of brittle are guaranteed to awaken and tantalize the taste buds.

There’s more…for those who enjoy a gourmet treat but want to avoid dairy products, Vegan varieties abound. But wait, it gets better…all of DD’s Desert Delights are gluten and preservative free!

You will experience the same light, crispy, airy texture in each of our brittles due to the detailed attention given to every micro-batch. Shh…now you know our secret!

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing our customers quality and value in every bite of our gourmet products. Should you find your experience less than satisfactory, we will cheerfully replace your product free of charge. Your satisfaction is our goal.